25 Mar

When choosing the right floor for your home there can be a dilemma – should I choose solid wood flooring or laminate? There are advantages and disadvantages for both and below we look at five benefits which will help you decide which is the best one for your lifestyle and budget.


As you would expect there is a significant price difference between wood flooring and laminate flooring which will have a big impact on your final decisions. The reason for the higher cost for wood floors is that it is harvested from trees and will last a lot longer while laminate flooring is the cheaper option if you simply want a wood effect look.


With any new floor that you are going to install you want to make sure that it is going to last. Solid wood floors are generally scratch resistant, but you will need to be careful of moving heavy furniture across it as there is a danger of scratching, but soft pads underneath chairs or dining table legs will do the job. Laminate flooring is far more hard wearing and is probably the better option especially if you have young children or pets.


There isn’t much comparison here as solid wood flooring is by far the more attractive. One thing that can’t be argued with when choosing between solid wood flooring or laminate flooring is the stunning look of a real solid wood flooring. Its intricate detail, colours and natural grains will complement any style of decor seamlessly. Plus, it will add considerable value to your home.


You will need to consider where in the home you are going to lay your wood flooring as it can be affected by heat and moisture, so it is not ideal for bathrooms or kitchens. This way you will avoid any spillages or water getting into the wood and damaging it, for those areas then laminate flooring is going to be the most suitable option.


Wood flooring will stand the test of time if it is looked after and maintained regularly. It can be easily repaired by sanding any imperfections of scratches – but be mindful of this as you may lose some of the colour and natural texture of the wood.

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