05 Feb

Wood flooring is known to be beautiful and inviting, however, it comes in various qualities and standards. Some wood floors are primarily known for their beauty, attractiveness and performance. Parquet flooring is one such wood floor. It will bring character and transformation to any room or home.

What are parquet wood floors

Parquet wood flooring dates back to the late 17th century. It was developed in France as an alternative to marble flooring. While it was once seen as the floor of the elite, it is not available and accessible to everyone.

Parquet wood floors use patterns or blocks of wood to create a mosaic effect. It features the grain in the wood. Parquet patterns are geometric and they complement both the classical and traditional as well as the modern. The patterns of the tiles can come in a whole range including the simple and the very complex.

How to choose the right pattern

What pattern you go for will highly depend on the size of the space that you are flooring. There are many popular designs out there. Some examples include basketweave, diagonal basketweave, Monticello, and Versailles. There is also the traditional brick pattern. The most popular, however, are arguably Chevron and Herringbone patterns or designs.

Chevron is where parallelogram shaped tiles are placed together to form a row of V shapes. Herringbone, on the other hand, is where rectangular tiles are placed in rows at right angles. The former is seen as more modern, while the latter is more traditional. Professional advisors will be able to guide you through the process of deciding on the right pattern for your home depending on the size of the space, lighting and budget.

Why you should consider parquet wood flooring

There are many reasons, both practical and aesthetic, to consider parquet wood flooring. Parquet flooring is sturdy, stable and long lasting. The way the blocks are laid ensure that there is little or no cross grain expansion. It is also easy to repair, clean and maintain. During an era when hygiene and sanitization is ever important, having a floor that is easy to clean should be at the top of most people’s priorities.

Parquet flooring is also incredibly beautiful. The intricate design options available can transform your home and give it unique character. Whether you enjoy the traditional cottage feel, or you are hoping for a more modern and stately look, parquet flooring can complement any home theme. When it comes to selling your home, parquet flooring will also increase its value considerably since it is an attractive and desirable feature appealing to more potential buyers.

Majestic Wood Floors

Parquet flooring is a wood flooring made from small wood blocks or strips that are arranged to create regular geometrical patterns. It is sturdy, durable and long lasting and also easy to maintain. It will beautify and transform any home. 

At Majestic Wood Floors we have several parquet flooring options for you to choose from. We are here to assist you all the way from consultation to installation and maintenance too. Get in touch to speak to one of our expert advisors.