19 Feb

Wood flooring is a great option for your home, as it is relatively easy to keep clean, looks great and can add significant value to your property, but hiring a qualified fitter to lay your wood floor can be costly.

The alternative option is to lay the wood floor yourself, however this can present several challenges, so you need to think about it carefully, remember you want it to look professional. Below we breakdown a few advantages and disadvantages of DIY wood flooring.

Advantages of DIY wood flooring

  • First off it is going to be cheaper than hiring a professional fitter to do the job for you as you are not having to worry about paying labour costs and time.
  • You will have the flexibility to take your time with the job as you will not have other customers depending on you, so you can start and finish working on the project in your own time. You also do not have to worry about taking time away from work to let the fitters in and out of your home.
  • Advancements in the construction of wood flooring has meant that it is a lot easier to install them yourself, especially if you use kits such as the floating installation kits. These are popular with those people who are looking to save the cost of a professional installation.

Disadvantages of DIY wood flooring

  • Time is going to be a big drawback as you are going to be installing the wood floor on yourself meaning you will have to work evenings and weekends, while at the same time balancing your working week. Professional fitters only have your job to think about.
  • If you do not have all the right tools, then it can be costly. Depending on the type of installation method you have chosen, costs can stack up quickly. Wood flooring can be especially difficult on mitre saws, so even if you own one, it may be a better solution to rent a professional grade saw instead.
  • Another disadvantage is that the quality of the finished product may not be as good as a professional fitter doing the same job. If you are installing solid hardwood flooring, it can be very difficult to get the finish correct. Solid hardwoods are attached to the floor with a special flooring nailer and sanded with a drum-type sander before being finished. Get any of these steps wrong and you may have to spend additional money correcting your mistakes.


Take time to think about the whole project as well as the installation process and your available budget and time. If you are not confident about taking on the job yourself then the best option is going to be to hire a professional fitter. This gives you peace of mind that the finished product will look great.