20 Nov

Buying, designing or refurbishing a new home can be both an exciting and daunting time. It can certainly be enjoyable shopping for new floors and furniture, but it can also be overwhelming since you will be living with the choices you make for some time. It is important to make well thought out decisions that will make you confident in the investment you are making.

As part of these decisions, matching flooring with furniture is definitely an important consideration. While this can be wholly subjective and dependent on individual tastes, we will give you several points to reflect on to help you come to the decisions for you. In this piece we will focus on the kitchen, which is arguably the heart of every home. 

Natural oak is a popular flooring choice for kitchens rather than other darker wood options, for example. This is because natural works well with most colours and design choices, and helps create a light, airy atmosphere. When looking to match your floor in the kitchen, the main point to consider is the colour of your cupboards. 

One option is to match the flooring and cupboards completely, which is easy to achieve when both are natural wood products that can be sanded down to achieve the exact shade required. This can help achieve a simple and clutter-free feel to your kitchen.

Another option is to keep the cupboards as plain white or another light block colour. This will showcase both your cupboards and flooring. In this case, you will not be restricted by the shade of the cupboards, and can change the shade and tone of your natural wood flooring at any time to give your kitchen a new finish.

Not every kitchen will have the space for a large, wooden kitchen table, however, if you have the space then this can definitely give a character boost to your kitchen. Matching your table to your flooring will give a sleek and classy look that few other things will achieve.

The type of stove you choose will also matter since modern, electric stoves will create a different atmosphere and vibe to traditional farmhouse-style gas stoves and ovens. The choice you make here will also depend wholly on the type of ambience you are hoping to achieve in your kitchen.

In addition to this, appropriate side lighting, seating and other aesthetic considerations utensil showpieces and ornaments will all help achieve the tone you seek for the heart of your home.