11 Mar

Different types of renovation projects will use different types of timber. Both hardwood and softwood can be used for everything from structural to decorative. But what is the difference between these two types of wood?

If you have decided on installing wood flooring in your home, there are a couple of additional choices to make such as hardwood flooring or softwood flooring. Below are a few differences between the two to help you make that decision.

What’s the difference?

Softwood and hardwood are distinguished by their reproduction rather than the end appearance. In general, hardwoods come from deciduous trees which lose their leaves annually. Softwoods come from conifer, which usually remains evergreen. The trees from which hardwoods are farmed are usually slower growing, meaning the wood is denser.

Which is more expensive?

Because hardwoods are more densely compressed it is naturally more rugged, more difficult to forest and to manufacture, which is why it costs more than softwoods. One main bonus is that hard wood is much stronger and will last a lifetime if it is looked after and well maintained.

What different styles are there?

Depending on where in your home you are planning on laying your wood floor will dictate the style you choose. The most popular hardwood flooring is Oak, Teak and Mahogany while many people choose Larch, Douglas Fir or Pine as a softwood floor option – it is really going to come down to personal taste.

Which one is more durable?

Softwoods are cheaper and easier to work with, and are commonly used in restoration and renovation projects, as around 80% of the world’s timber is softwood. They also have a wide range of uses and are found in building components such as windows, doors, and furniture.

Despite hardwoods being more expensive in comparison they can be difficult to work with but as they are much denser they will last a lot longer than softwoods. It is this reason that you will find hardwoods being used in the building of high-quality furniture and flooring.

Which one should I choose?

This might be a tough decision to make as both have their advantages and disadvantages. Consider which room in the home you would like your wood floor installed and if it is a practical option then decide on whether you would like a hard or soft wood finish.

Both types of flooring will need maintenance over the years and there is no real difference between the two in terms of upkeep if you clean and look after it regularly. Why not get in touch with our professional team for a free quote.