12 Feb

Many homes today are favouring hardwood floors due to their durability and fantastic look. However, they do need to be looked after and maintained properly to prolong their life.

With all the dust, grime and debris being brought into the home from the outside it is easy to see how they can become worn out so quickly and if they are not given the right care they can be expensive to repair. Below are five tips for how to clean your hardwood floor.

1. Vacuum regularly

Hardwood floors are prone to wear and tear especially in busy areas of the home such as the hallway and landing. Dirt and fine debris can build up in between cracks and crevices of a hardwood floor so a powerful vacuum cleaner will remove those in no time. The most important thing to remember here is to use a soft brush and avoid using a vacuum head that is going to leave scratches.

2. Wet cleaning

It is a good idea to give your hardwood floor a thorough wet clean every couple of months. In order to do this properly, you need to make sure you use the right chemicals so as not to damage the floor and leave stains, which some chemicals can do easily, these include vinyl or tile floor cleaners.

An alternative method is to use ½ a cup of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar mixed with around four litres of lukewarm water as a natural way to clean the floor. Do not overdo the vinegar however as it may damage the floor seal.

3. Controlled method

When using a wet cleaning method on your hardwood floor either a flat-head mop or microfibre cloth works the best. Depending on the style of floor try and move with the grain and control the amount of cleaning solution by integrating it with a spray bottle. This way you can work to cover every inch of the floor, there should be no need to rinse, just a simple wipe with a dry cloth or better yet open the front or back doors and allow it to dry naturally.

4. Stubborn debris

On occasion, you might come across sticky debris which has found its way into the groves of your hardwood floor. The best way to attack these is with a damp clean cloth and maybe a small amount of floor cleaner. Avoid using any sharp objects to pry up the debris as you will risk scratching it. Work the cloth so that it starts to soften the stain and then gradually and gently wipe it away.

5. Maintaining

Aside from the cleaning process, there are a few simple ways to maintain the cleanliness and look of your hardwood floor. Removing your shoes before walking on it is an obvious one as they will bring in tracked dirt. Make sure that any spills are cleaned up right away, these can be soaked up with a dry cloth or paper towel. Try not to rub the spill as you will only cause it to sink into the wood.