27 Nov

Wooden flooring can bring beauty to any home. It is a lifelong investment that will add value to your home, making it an appealing feature for any new buyers if you ever decide to sell. Wood flooring, however, needs maintenance to keep away the risks of damage from daily use.

Below are some tips on how to maintain your wood floor investment so that it endures the test of time and family life.

#1 Remove any stains immediately

Any liquid spills must be removed immediately; otherwise it will penetrate the wood. This in turn may cause irreversible staining.
#2 Avoid wearing high heeled shoes on wooden flooring

Generally, not wearing shoes indoors is a good idea when it comes to wood flooring. Keep a welcome mat by the door so any visitors can at least leave any dust and small stones at the door. Wood flooring is prone to scratches and stiletto heels are known to cause denting in the wood. 

#3 Sweep regularly using a soft brush

Sweeping regularly with a soft brush is essential since it removes any debris and layers of dust which can cause scratches on the wood surface. Vacuuming is also an efficient alternative; however, it is essential not to use a hard vacuum brush.

#4 Avoid using the mop

Water can easily damage wood floors, therefore mops are not recommended for use. Too much moisture can cause the wood to swell. This is more a consideration for solid wood flooring, rather than laminate and engineered flooring which are both more resilient to water exposure. 

#5 Use cleaners recommended by the manufacturer

Be sure to follow care guidelines and product recommendations from the manufacturer, since some cleaners may not be suitable for your particular wood flooring. 

#6 Use furniture pads

It is recommended to use furniture pads under sofa and table legs. This is because they can easily slide on wood flooring and cause abrasion and damage at these points. This will look particularly ugly if you ever decide to rearrange your room.

#7 Keep pet nails trim

If you have pets then keep their nails and claws as trim as possible. Once wood flooring is scratched it is difficult to cover up and the flaws will be easy to spot. 

It is no easy feat to replace wood floor panels every time they are damaged. Following the above guidelines will help you maintain your wood flooring prevent damage, thus extending its durability to potentially last a whole lifetime.