01 Jan

Whether it was recently discovered underneath a carpet, or installed in your home many years ago, parquet flooring is a timeless addition to any space.

However, with this hardwood solution it is a sensible choice to consider restoring it.

If yours is damaged, missing blocks or has others that have come loose, restoration may be the most cost-effective solution.

Here we discuss some advice when it comes to getting started.

Check for loose blocks

Looking for loose, or damaged blocks, is one of the first steps when restoring a parquet floor.

It can be difficult to find loose blocks, which is why it is important to look for gaps between them, others that move when walked over or even a hollow sound if it does.

If left untreated, one loose block risks causing those surrounding it to become disturbed and detach from the floor.

Cleaning your blocks and underfloor

Parquet flooring dates back as far as the 16th century and has been a popular choice for homeowners since.

Over time, installation methods for hardwood flooring have changed and modernised, but many properties still have parquet flooring fixed into place with Bitumen.

Now known as a carcinogenic chemical, this old adhesive is banned from being used.

As such, before any restoration work can continue it must be removed from each block and also from between the grooves.

Any remaining residue on the underfloor must then be scraped away and cleared completely because it can cause problems when reinstalling blocks.

It is a time-consuming job that requires care and attention, which is why hiring a parquet floor specialist is always advisable.

Levelling your underfloor

Once all traces of residue have gone, you’ll want to make sure your floor is level before fitting any blocks.

The foundations may become damaged when removing the original adhesive and will need levelling out to ensure an even finish.

That will require a levelling compound, together with extreme precision, which is why we recommend asking a reputable parquet floor specialist to do the job and obtain the results you expect.

Once the blocks are in place, the flooring needs continuous sanding and staining until the correct level and finish are achieved.

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