29 Jan

Wood flooring is becoming more and more popular in family homes everywhere. It is easy to clean and looks modern, contemporary and minimalist, all of which is increasingly desirable. Moreover, it is versatile, since you can change up the look of your home by moving around rugs and furniture with ease anytime.

Like most accessories, wood floors need a little care and maintenance to keep them looking their best long term. There are a number of options depending on whether your floor has minimal wear and tear or if it has extensive damage or needs a completely new look.

Screen and reseal your wood flooring

For wood floors which have been installed just a few years prior, but have not been heavily used, you should consider a screen and reseal method rather than a complete refinishing. This means that you save yourself the unnecessary expense that goes with the latter, whilst still enjoying the freshness of beautiful new looking floors within your home.

The screen and reseal method returns your wood flooring to their original glory at a fraction of the price and effort of a full refurbishment. The screen and reseal method involves buffing which can get rid of any unwanted flaws and marks in the top layer, including small scratches and stains. Following the buffing, the original sealing is reapplied. Screen and reseal also makes your floors damp proof, making them last longer. It is therefore the ideal solution for floors that are not badly damaged but are also no longer looking their best.

When to consider a full refurbishment

If your wood floors have been covered by carpets or linoleum for many years, then they may be weakened, damaged or dulled. Moreover, some old houses can have floors that have many deep scratches, marks or original woodstain. To remove these, you will need to consider a full refurbishment.

How to decide what method to use

If you are swaying between a screen and reseal and a full refurbishment of your wood flooring then the first step is consult professionals. Book a consultation with a reputable wood flooring company that offers a no obligation free quote. A trustworthy company will ensure that you take the best route for your home long term by helping you weigh up the cost of resealing in comparison to the cost of a total refurbishment.

Majestic Wood Floors

At Majestic Wood Floors we offer an innovative, intensive floor cleaning and sealing service to both our domestic and commercial clients. The fact is, a well maintained wood floor which is periodically cleaned and resealed will have a longer lifespan and will only require light maintenance in between. Our methods of resealing are quick and effective meaning that you can anticipate the least possible disruption to your home life while we take care of your wood floors. Contact us for a no obligation free quote and our friendly advisors will be happy to walk you through the steps.